CB350 Team Racing Bikes


Every last detail designed and fabricated with precision for maximum performance. 

  • Lightened and knife edged crank shaft
  • Strengthened light weight rods
  • PVL Dual Plug ignition. 
  • Giannini design pistons, high compression, light weight, manufactured by omega
  • Strengthened and improved engine cases
  • Close ratio, back cut and coated gearbox
  • Internal proprietary coatings by Line 2 Line Performance. 
  • Camshaft bearing and oiling modifications
  • Lightweight TAB style frame constructed by Works Manufacturing in Brooklyn, NY. 
  • 4 plug cylinder head.
  • Tannermatic ultra light weight bodywork. 



cr77 Replicas, 2v and 4v per cylinder variants


Finely crafted replicas of the CR77 race motorcycle made so famous by Honda's successful campaigns in the early 60s. Built from CB77 superhawk base, these bikes scream like never before. 

  • Custom dual overhead cam cylinder head, 4 and 8 valve variants. 
  • Replica CR77 style valve covers, designed and developed using 3d printing and modern casting technologies. 
  • Specially developed pistons for both 2v and 4v head designs utilized on different variants. 
  • PVL ignition with hand machined backing plate and mounting mechanisms. 



CR750 Factory Endurance Racer 


Original factory endurance race machine

  • Lightweight crank, rods
  • Factory race profile camshaft
  • Oversized, lightweight stainless valves
  • Lightweight high compression pistons
  • Motoplat electronic ignition
  • Improved and strengthened frame